These Strap Clamps are excellent quality. Heavy duty, smooth lever action, Smooth release, no binding or catching.
I have over 30 years of hardwood floor installation experience. And I won’t install a floor without them!

Why are you Pushing, Tugging, Pulling, Stomping, Whaling with a Rubber Mallet ? To Get Your Planks Tight ! (This a Waste of Time, You are Abusing your Body, And Your Planks Still Have Gaps)



I’ll tell you a little trick. Use these Strap Clamps to apply tension, and tighten the Planks,
(They will even take out bows). Run some rows of blue tape over the section of planks
you just laid. Then release the Strap Clamps & use for your next section. The tape will
hold the planks in place while the adhesive is setting.

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